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  • What is the objective of the game?
    Solve the puzzles and tests to get into the Château de Marzac and manage to get out in less than 1h30.
  • Can adults without children enjoy the game?
    YES! The challenge side in one or more teams of adults makes this family-oriented game exciting. A large part of the route takes place in an atypical historical setting and allows you to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Périgord and the Vézère Valley. The castle itself is mysterious and has very evocative decorations of the Mystery to be drilled.
  • Can younger children participate?
    Yes! The attraction of the game allows cohesion and a participative aspect of each age group. The different activities allow everyone to participate and give the team the best chance of success. Adults and children are complementary and all the players emerge valued by the challenges of the game. For 0-6 year olds: The course events are doubled on two levels of play: adults and children. Many tests appeal to the five senses: hearing, smell, observation, touch, search for hidden objects and are similar to the emotions of a treasure hunt very easily understood for young children.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes, if he is on a leash, except in the rooms of the castle. You will have to take turns to discover the rooms of the castle...but it is not complicated. You can also leave it in the car in the shade and take it out after the game.
  • Can we only visit the exteriors of the castle without playing the game?
    NO, but if you don't want to play the game, your ticket gives you access to the entire historic route and free discovery of the garden enclosed by 18th century walls and railings, the furnished castle, the Dovecote and its dome classified as a Historic Monument...The Château de Marzac is a private domain open to the public for the first time. It overlooks the Vézère valley with breathtaking views. The historical aspect of the castle and its outbuildings is also very interesting. A paper guide will be given to you at the entrance with the historical description.
  • Are there shade points in case of high heat?
    YES. The game takes place in the open air, you will enjoy the sun in some parts. Other stages of the course are hidden under the foliage of the wood. The rooms of the chateau are always cool and temperate. In the garden, water gates to cross in the labyrinths bring freshness and fun during the course.
  • How long does the game last?
    The game lasts on average 1h30.
  • Are strollers allowed?
    We recommend a baby carrier to fully enjoy the game experience.
  • Is there a picnic area?
    Yes, there is a picnic area on site. You will also find a shop selling local products with picnic baskets, cold drinks and ice cream from Périgord producers and artisans! In addition, we inform you that the Château de Marzac has implemented a selective sorting policy and therefore we do not manage the bins for your picnics.
  • We are 15 people. How will this work for the game ?
    You will leave in 3 teams of 5 people. The game is played by teams of 2 to 5 people maximum. There must always be a "Game Master" team leader, at least 1 adult per group where there are under 18s.
  • Is the "Château Escape-game" also accessible for visitors who do not speak French?
    Of course! For our English-speaking visitor friends, a version of the game and the visit document (historical notice) is available in English.
  • I would have liked to offer a gift voucher for your escape game to my children, is that possible?"
    Sorry, we don't do gift cards yet. The ticket office and the reservation of game slots will be online on our website at the end of June. In addition, remember that young people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The teams to form to play are from 2 to 5 people.
  • What is the level of the Escape Game?
    The Chateau-Escape-Game of Marzac is a new concept of visit-experience. The Chateau-Escape-Game of Marzac is a game course freely inspired by the main principles that make the success of the Escape Game Room: an initiatory course delimited in time and space, secret places to discover, collaborative tests, surprise passages, codes to find, puzzles to solve. For the first time, the game's storyline takes place on the scale of an outdoor and indoor castle. Deliberately, this game in which you are the hero is designed for a family level, for adults with or without children. These, from 6 years old, can accompany their parents. Your CHALLENGE? Reconstruct Count de Marzac's secret message and complete the mission for his resistance network. OBSTACLES to your success? ENTER the castle and Succeed in EXITING The quality of this experience depends on the respect by each team of the other teams of players, we thank you for ensuring this for the pleasure of all: do not run, do not shout your answers out loud The settings in this scenario are authentic: we ask you to respect them.
  • Should  do physical exercises during the Escape Game?
    No. The physical level is moderate. A plan B is always proposed for the so-called "surprise" passages.
  • Is it possible to come with a picnic?
    Do not hesitate to come with your picnic, we provide you with tables and chairs in the shade for your meal. We also offer lunch formulas based on local products! To be reserved by email.
  • There are slots every 5 minutes. Is there an overlap of groups as a result?
    The teams leave with a gap of 5 minutes so that in the rooms of the castle there is only one team at a time (limited time inside per room and regulation of the teams by a game master on video).< /p>
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